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“ I originally visited John Williams crippled, literally unable to walk, get in and out of a chair or car, and least of all able to ride a horse. Within 2 sessions I could walk without pain, ride, drive and do all the things anyone should be able to do without discomfort. John keeps me supple and pain free allowing me to do my job properly. John, you’re a miracle worker ! “
Jo Aston - Professional Event Rider


Following my terrible injury at Old Trafford whilst playing for Coventry City against Manchester United. I enlisted the help of John Williams at Atlas Pain Relief Centre.
I wish to thank him for the rehabilitation and treatment I received on my leg which has assisted my recovery. When necessary I consult John and seek advice on Sports Injuries in my new role as a soccer coach.
David Busst (Coventry City FC)


I have been a regular visitor to Atlas Pain Relief Centre for 10 years now. Racing cars around the world is very physically demanding and I have found regular visits to John Williams helps to keep me in good shape . I find John friendly, reliable and most of all very committed to his work. I thoroughly recommend him for treatment of sporty and not so sporty types.
Kelvin Burt Motor Racing Driver and Former Formula 3 world Champion.
Successfully working with other health care professionals

I can confirm that I have had recent professional contact with Mr. Williams in his capacity as Clinic Director of the Atlas Back Pain Relief Centre in Tamworth.
Although my knowledge of Mr Williams is not extensive, my recent contact was specifically with regards to a mutual patient whom Mr. Williams was treating and in whom he picked up a serious disease in.

Mr. Williams acted most speedily and professionally in contacting not only the patient, but also myself, ensuring that our mutual patient had rapid access to further diagnostic and treatment services and I believe that his actions enabled us to intervene in a progressive and serious disease.

My contact with him was so profound that I took the opportunity to write a letter of thanks and appreciation to Mr Williams for his expert, speedy and professional services. I have since had contact with Mr. Williams with regards to further services which he is offering by way of health promotion which is both voluntary and non- profit making.

I feel that the contribution that he has made so far to my patients and the contribution that he is likely to make in the future is such that I can recommend him, as far as I am able, in his professional capacity to others

Yours Sincerely Dr Mark Clayson  Peel Medical Practice, Tamworth

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I am pleased to provide a reference for John Williams of Atlas Pain Relief Centre Mr. Williams is a GOsC registered Osteopath with 12 years experience in sports injuries and physiotherapy treatments. He has been involved in management of muscular skeletal problems and pain relief with a special interest in sport and athletic injuries.

I have found Mr. Williams to be an extremely competent and able person who has strong interpersonal skills. I have had the pleasure of sharing my patients with him and I have had excellent feedback from our patients regarding his technique of treating patients with muscular skeletal problems. I would strongly recommend him for recognition

With kind regards

Yours Sincerely Mr. Ved Goswami Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Bupa Parkway Hospital