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Tamworth Sports Massage team support the Lichfield 10k race in Lichfield Staffordshire every year.  The Atlas team also treat many runners with sports massage techniques whilst training for the London Marathon and Birmingham Half Marathon races.

Sports massage courses are available in London and in many colleges around the country but if you are looking for a career as a Sports Massage Therapist then care should be taken before you undertake your massage training. There is a huge difference in cost and suitable quality training available.

Sports Massage Therapy is a very important part of a runners training routine and athletes and sportsmen and women should all include sports massage treatments as part of their training programme.
Sports massage is similar to sports therapy but the sports therapist would be expected to have more input on diagnosis and rehabilitation of sports injuries.  In contrast a good sports massage therapist should be better at soft tissue manipulation, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques and stretches if trained properly.

Sports massage is not swedish massage with more pressure applied.  Neither is it supposed to be a therapy that is allowed to inflict pain on the client.  Some muscles can be sore after exercise and consideration should be given to the differences between pre-sport and post-sport massage techniques.

Remedial or deep tissue sports massage is more specialised and requires knowledge of injuries and access to clinical diagnosis.  Atlas Sports Massage practitioners are Sports Physiotherapists and Sports Massage Therapists with years of experience in treating both elite athletes and novice casual runners alike.