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Tamworth Osteopaths specialise in Sciatica pain.  Osteopaths at the Atlas Pain Relief Centre Tamworth treat sciatica and trapped nerve symptoms at the Tamworth town centre clinic in Victoria Rd

Sciatica pain refers to a trapped or irritated sciatic nerve.  Often, symptoms of back pain in sciatica is absent and pain is only felt down the leg and into the foot.  Sciatica in pregnancy is common as postural changes occur and the unborn child may put pressure on the sciatic nerve. 

Sciatica cure depends upon what is causing the sciatica symptoms, treatment may involve sciatic nerve root stretches or other sciatic nerve related exercises. Treatment of sciatica varies depending on who you see and what is the cause of the complaint.  A bulging disc or slipped disc can produce pressure on the nerve root and stimulate referred pain into the back or side of the leg.  Buttock pain is common and pain can travel down into the calf and foot.
Degenerative changes as you get older can result in thinning of discs and reduced disc height.  This will narrow the space where the nerve root exits from the spine.  It is here where nerve root compression can occur, especially if you bend backwards.  Standing or prolonged weight bearing may then aggravate the symptoms.

Sciatic nerve treatment will involve managing the pain initially and reducing inflammation if it is present.
Osteopathy, Physiotherapy and Acupuncture treatments are preferred by our Tamworth Pain Relief Centre to Chiropractic treatment.

Our Osteopaths can offer spinal manipulations but would generally avoid this treatment on a disc prolapse.  Spinal manipulation will likely make things worse on bulging or prolapsed discs so sometimes conservative treatment may be more suitable.