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For a local Osteopath Tamworth - Telephone  01827 59943
Tamworth Osteopaths at Atlas Pain Relief Centre in Tamworth town centre for an osteopath Tamworth.  We offer alternative treatments to a Tamworth Chiropractor for back pain, lower back pain and neck pain. If you are looking for an Osteopath Tamworth then telephone Atlas Pain Relief Centre.

We see many patients from Lichfield, Staffordshire and Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.  Our Atherstone Osteopath John Williams offers a suitable alternative to Nuneaton Chiropractors and Atherstone Chiropractors in the treatment of back pain and sciatica. If you are looking for a
Lichfield Osteopath, travel a few miles to Atlas in Tamworth for both male and female osteopaths

An Osteopath is able to manipulate the spine in a similar way to a chiropractor should it be required.  There are similarities between osteopaths and chiropractors but generally they have a very different approach.

Osteopathy is a profession well regarded in the musculo-skeletal arena.  Osteopaths are highly skilled in looking after disorders of the spine and human body. They have access to clinical diagnosis which means they are able to perform well established examination routines recognised by western medicine.  Osteopathy is no longer considered by many as a complimentary or alternative profession but more as a member of mainstream medicine.
Osteopathy in Tamworth Staffordshire
Male and female practitioners are able to treat low back pain, trapped nerve, bulging disc, headaches, stiff neck, sacroiliitis, shoulder pain, knee pain and all other musculo-skeletal discomfort.

Osteopaths are regulated by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and the training is now a 5 year degree  course. They are well trained in massage techniques, trigger point therapy and spinal manipulation.
Tamworth Cranial Osteopaths can be found at Atlas Pain Relief Centre who specialise in treating babies and infants with irritability, poor sleep patterns and reflux.  Visit our Cranial Osteopathy page for more details.
Lower spine, sacroiliac joints and pelvis