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Cranial Osteopathy
Cranial Osteopathy treatment is painless but effective
Babies sleep better after cranial osteopathy treatment
What is Cranial Osteopathy?
Tamworth cranial osteopath John Williams has much success treating newborn and young babies with sleeping problems.  Babies who don't sleep, babies not sleeping through the night and restless babies all put additional stress on parents who can be kept awake night after night. Babies who won't sleep can affect the whole family.

Reflux in babies, trapped wind and babies who cry a lot often indicates that the child is in discomfort.  As they cannot communicate like an adult, they will cry or become restless to get attention.  Retained moulding following birth is often a problem and this is a reason why parents visit a cranial osteopath for the first time.
Parents who visit the Cranial Osteopaths in Tamworth at Atlas Pain Relief Centre, Staffordshire are really surprised how effective  cranial osteopathy treatment can be.

Usually the child only needs to visit the clinic for 4 sessions .

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If your baby is born with a flat area on the head or the head is not the correct shape, then this may be plagiocephaly.  This condition often gives cause for concern and the worry of knowingly letting your child grow up with a flattened head prompts worried parents to fit a cranial helmet. 

Cranial Helmets are fitted to the child's head after careful measurements are taken and the theory is that it encourages the head to grow into a more acceptable shape.  Atlas Cranial Osteopaths suggest cranial osteopathy treatment for this condition in order to treat retained moulding.

If parents opt for cranial helmets, then this should be alongside cranial osteopathy.
Cranial helmet for plagiocephaly
Patient Testimonial    -    Hannah wrote:

My 4 month old baby James suffered from acid reflux (also known as silent or hidden reflux) when we commenced cranial osteopathy in January. He had been on a combination of medication, including Zantac, Domperidone and Infant Gaviscon, since he was 10 weeks old. Although the medication was helping, he would still have trouble sleeping or spending time lying on his back, and still had some days where he would refuse to feed as it was causing him pain.

We started a 4 week course of cranial osteopathy and baby James took to osteopath John Williams straight away. After his first treatment James fell asleep in the car on the way home and seemed more relaxed that afternoon. Over the four week period James' symptoms slowly improved and he started to drink larger volumes of milk without as much of a struggle.

This is no sudden wonder-cure but James' symptoms improved slowly but steadily week by week. After the four week period we had taken James off his medication!! He was also finally sleeping through the night waking only for night-feeds or his dummy, but no longer screaming in pain.

Thanks John!
Baby James