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Back Pain
Osteopathy for back pain relief is often requested by patients from Tamworth, Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield Birmingham. The Tamworth osteopaths at Atlas Pain Relief Centre are experienced at treating back pain, lower back pain and just simple backache. We offer electrotherapy pain relief treatments, hands on soft tissue manipulation, spinal manipulations, back pain stretches and back pain exercises

Back pain causes are varied and can be split into acute and chronic back pain. In some cases back pain may be associated with a bulging disc or trapped nerve such as sciatica.  Tamworth osteopaths at Atlas are able to diagnose the cause of your back pain and provide the appropriate back pain treatment for you.

Back pain symptoms may range from a dull ache to a sharp stabbing pain on movement. Often acute back muscle spasms can leave you pulled over to one side and out of line.  This is a guarding mechanism that the body has developed to ensure you get help and rest.  Pain is a red traffic light and should be investigated  rather than ignored and hidden behind pain killing medication.
Builders back pain from poor working technique
Gardening back pain
Tamworth back pain specialists at Atlas are registered osteopaths with the General Osteopathic Council and offer a suitable alternative to chiropractic treatment from local Tamworth chiropractors.

Neck pain, twisted pelvis, misaligned vertebrae, subluxed bones and bones out of place can all be manipulated by an osteopath should it be necessary.  Sacroiliac joint inflammation or sacroiliitis is treated swiftly and effectively by the Tamworth osteopaths at Atlas Pain Relief Centre.
If you have acute or chronic back pain, Tamworth Staffordshire is the place to visit.  Tamworth back pain specialists in 7 Victoria Rd Tamworth town centre will get you help with your pain and offer pain relief.
Back Pain during pregnancy is very common as postural changes in later pregnancy put stress on spinal ligaments in the lower back.  As the weight distribution moves to the front as the mothers tummy grows, there is an change of balance that takes place and a tendency to lean backwards.  Pregnancy back pain can be relieved by back massage and osteopathy treatment.

Low backache in pregnancy can make life uncomfortable for pregnant mums and in many cases pain relief can be achieved through the relaxation and gentle stretching that massage and osteopathy can achieve.

Atlas Tamworth Osteopaths are experienced in treating pregnant mums and can help prepare them for childbirth.
4 weeks to go for our pregnant mum