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Back Pain Atherstone, North Warwickshire
Atherstone back pain sufferers can now get help from Atherstone Osteopath John Williams.  John who has a Pain Relief Clinic in Tamworth Staffordshire is both an Osteopath and Physiotherapist and specialises in back pain treatments.  Nuneaton back pain sufferers can now travel to Atherstone where car parking is easy and free and the fast recovery reputation offered by the Atlas team will be well worth the visit.

An osteopath offers an alternative to chiropractic treatment by chiropractors, Atherstone Osteopath John Williams can offer an alternative to Nuneaton Chiropractors and Tamworth Chiropractors by providing osteopathic treatment which is effective and will help provide you with pain relief.
Atherstone Osteopath John Williams
Back pain is very common and most of us will suffer some kind of back pain in our lives.  Degenerative changes and prolapsed discs can lead to nerve root irritation or a trapped nerve which can cause symptoms of sciatica.
This is a nerve pain that travels down the leg and sometimes into the foot.  There is sometimes pain in the low back and often buttock pain will exist.

Pregnancy back pain can be very uncomfortable and can be helped with acupuncture or osteopathy.  Both treatments are safe and far better than oral medication. Postural changes in late pregnancy and a slackening of ligaments leads to an increased strain on your back.
Backache and muscle spasms in the low back can often occur during gardening season when gardening after a long winter rest can take its toll.

Sacroiliitis is an inflammation of the sacroiliac joint which can mimic back pain and cause lots of mobility problems.  Atlas Osteopaths in Atherstone are very experienced at correcting this common problem and we generally have you pain free in 4-6 visits.
Pregnancy back pain
Gardening back pain
Acupuncture for back pain is painless and safe, if you are pregnant this can be very effective as a treatment.

Visit Atlas Pain Relief Centre in Atherstone for your back pain requirements and see why so many people choose the Atlas team for pain relief