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Acupuncture Tamworth
Acupuncture treatments in Tamworth from female Tamworth acupuncture practitioner.  Female acupuncturist with experience of pain relief, fertility treatments, depression, anxiety, stress, hormonal problems and digestive disorders
offers treatment at Atlas Pain Relief Centre in Tamworth town centre.
acupuncture for shoulder pain
acupuncture for headaches
acupuncture for neck pain
Experienced female 5 element acupuncture practitioner can help with many problems that do not respond well to traditional western medicine.

Acupuncture is now recognised by NICE the advisors to the NHS as an effective treatment in pain relief and low back pain.

Other conditions that respond well to acupuncture treatment is tennis elbow, shoulder pain and trapped nerve conditions such as sciatica.  Acupuncture for headaches and migraines are common conditions treated and patients from Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield Birmingham travel the short distance to Tamworth for treatment.
Tamworth acupuncture treatments are painless!
Cherry Richards for Tamworth acupuncture treatments
Tamworth acupuncture practitioner Cherry Richards is an experienced acupuncturist who has joined the team at Atlas Pain Relief Centre.  Cherry hails from Hong Kong and both parents were consultants in Western medicine.Cherry offers supportive treatment for couples who were trying to have a baby.

Acupuncture assists couples when they are trying to conceive and can remove tension, stress and anxiety, which are all barriers to becoming pregnant.

Relaxation and an unwinding of tension is often felt after an acupuncture treatment, which makes it an ideal treatment for headache and migraine sufferers.  Depression aches and pains and tiredness can also be treated by Cherry at the Atlas Pain Relief Centre.

Local patients from Lichfield, Measham, Atherstone, Kingsbury, Polesworth, Brownhills and Swadlincote are only a short drive away from the Atlas Centre and can benefit from the experience of Cherry Richards..
Local Tamworth, Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield customers can now access acupuncture treatments with Cherry at a discounted price of just 15 per session on a Saturday morning.  The Atlas Pain Relief Centre want to help the local community and provide affordable low cost treatment for people on benefit, people on a low income, pensioners and people who just wish to try acupuncture for the first time.

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Cherry has introduced a new concept of acupuncture treatment into the Atlas Pain Relief Centre in Tamworth.  The new affordable acupuncture sessions are delivered on a Saturday morning at the cost of only 15 per session.  The sessions are for acute and chronic pain sufferers and will involve acupuncture for pain relief